MFM Mix 018 + Interview

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Music From Memory · MFM Mix 018: Sassy J

Thank you Music From Memory for inviting me to contribute with number 018 and everybody featured on this Mix for making music and putting your music out -this is the foundation for me doing a mix!

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Hailing from the city of Bern it’s the always colorful Sassy J (@sassyj) with her musical message in the shape of mix contribution number 18. Interview (excerpt) down below.

MFM: Hi Judith, welcome to the series. How is your day so far? How do you normally start your day?

SJ: Good! The sun is shining, its summer and I am exited about the Mix. Thank you for inviting me to do this! I normally start my day with a rap and a spicy spring roll. After that I head straight into a whistle battle with the birds, if I have enough discipline I do a Spanish crossword , some exercise on my plastic carpet, then water the flowers and preparation of my breakfast.

MFM: This pandemic came by surprise for most of us, leaving many uncertainties for the future. You seem like a spiritually grounded and calm person. How did you cope with this new and unexpected situation?

SJ: It was a challenge, but also a gift to be more present in the moment, to take it slow and take it day by day. To trust and not worry. Deal with the fears, the issues, the old patterns as an individual, within your close circle, within your surrounding, in the society, in the global happenings and the virtual reality. A chance to feel, reflect, be quiet, disconnect, reconnect, observe, give thanks, change, adapt, envision new perspectives and infinite possibilities.

MFM: Do you manage to still focus on music and art, whether it being in a different way maybe? What are you working on these days?

SJ: I focus on music and art everyday – its everywhere and I can’t imagine life without it. I had a bicycle accident at the end of April and was forced keep still until the beginning of June. I had to rest a lot, which is not the easiest thing for me. After I was less tired I was reading a lot, getting inspiration, doing research. Writing down ideas, thoughts, that nurture the process of creating textile creations, audio journeys and ideas for the future. I am working on different textile pieces. I’ve listened to a lot of records and researched for new music online. Just did five exclusive Mixes for the National Radio, which was the fist time ever and meant a lot to me.

MFM: Have you found comfort in making mixes, especially since dance floors got locked? Is it an important outlet for you?

SJ: Its my passion and craft to find music that moves me and create an uplifting, imagination triggering, inspiring and reinforcing audio journey that I like to listen again and again. There’s usually plenty of messages in my mixes. They have a either a theme or a title. It starts with something on my mind that I want to share with the world. A story I want to tell. A message that I want to spread. Or then this specific mix I want to be able to listen: A tape to put into the walkman and head off to an adventure! The kitchen tape for my mother to chop and wiggle. The perfect mix for the perfect situation. I always loved that. Since its summer I wanted this mix to be a dreamy, lush and hazy journey with an ultimate summer feeling to it.

MFM: Any suggestions for how, where and when to listen to it best?

SJ: On a sweet summer morning, on a hot summer day, on a lush summer evening. In a room with open windows and a good sound system drinking an ice-cold lemonade with big ice cubes, meditating, origami folding, doing a tropical island puzzle, drawing, writing a poem or a letter, free dance improvisations… On your favorite headphones outside: laying on the gras in the sun, bouncing in a hammock, relaxing by the river or the sea, eating a coconut raspberry ginger ice cream, driving through the countryside, going on a long walk with a big hat… In general: Any time you need a hug, clear the head, come down & get reenergized.