Sassy J

Sassy J is a dj, sonic journey curator and handcrafting artist.

Hailing from the de facto beautiful Swiss capital of Bern, Sassy J has a colourful and charming sound informed by her simple and honest love of music and emotion. She runs her own Patchwork night, does the art for each party and has a passion for sewing one off pieces of clothing that marry many different textures and styles in compelling ways, much like when she mixes records.

Sassy J has been passionately doing her do for 20 years now. In that time she has kept a focus on forward thinking electronic and analog sounds, has been a consistently exciting DJ and has earned a reputation amongst esteemed artists and fans that appreciate her unhurried style. Driven by a feel for the occasion, a passion to present new sounds and desire to leave a mark on her audience, Sassy J has played everywhere from Eglo Dance and Dekmantel to Panorama Bar and De School – Fascinoma Festival Mexico, Rainbow Disco Club Japan and Freedom Time Festival Australia.

Always digging for inspiration and for those moments in life that make you go ‘wow,’ Sassy’s hunt takes her into the worlds of tribal art, fabrics, books and more. She has found favour with The Trilogy Tapes, Resident Advisor and Crack Magazine, all of whom she has done official mixes for. A tactile and heartfelt selector, a quest to really take her listeners somewhere defines what she does. Sassy J likes to let her music breath and marinate, to take her time and let the moods and grooves she offers up really sink in. Always shifting through sounds with real dynamism, is all these things that make her a standout voice in the DJ world.

Patchwork Nights

Within the past 15 years Sassy J had the pleasure to invite some of the most creative heads out there to Switzerland. Artists like Little Dragon, Eska, J*Davey, Moodymann, MF Doom, Baatin, Steve Spacek, Gifted&Blessed, Theo Parrish, Sadar Bahar, Floating Points and plenty more came over and shared their musical visions. In 2018 she brought Patchwork Night to London’s Corsica Studios and in 2019 to Giant Steps.

Stadtmusik Festival Basel

In 2010 Sassy J was invited to program one week of Patchwork Nights at the Stadtmusik Festival Basel: Theo Parrish, Little Dragon, ESKA, Fatima, Funkineven, Dimlite, Onra, IG Culture. The crew was so happy with her work, that they made her part of their crew for the two upcoming years.