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Mixes | 07 November 2014

Sassy J Tape for The Trilogy Tapes out now!

Mixes | 19 September 2014

Sassy J for Tape for TTT out now!
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Dancefloor Meditations Vol. 6

Mixes | 13 September 2014

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Alexander Nut & Sassy J on Rinse FM

Mixes | 23 August 2014

Tape for The Trilogy Tapes

Mixes | 08 July 2014

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Louche Podcast 126

Mixes | 07 May 2014

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La La Vol.1 / 2005

Mixes | 01 May 2014

Downtempo Mix from 2005

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Live at Electrosanne 2013

Mixes | 11 October 2013

Live at Electrosanne 2013

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New Mix: Dancefloor Meditations Vol.5

Mixes | 24 July 2013

Dancefloor Meditations Vol. 5

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Kaleidoskopes Vol. 4: Peace Of Mind

Mixes | 15 July 2013

Kaleidoskopes Vol. 4 – Peace Of Mind

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Worldwide Festival Minimix

Mixes | 03 April 2013

Worldwide Festival Minimix

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Guest Mix for Keep It Deep: Dancefloor Meditations Vol.4

Mixes | 02 February 2013

Dancefloor Meditations Vol. 4

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Guest Mix for The Growing Bin: Kaleidoskopes Vol.3 - Sun

Mixes | 20 January 2013

Kaleidoskopes Vol. 3 – Sun

When there’s no sun, this music makes me whole again.
Maybe it light’s up your day as well. *

It’s been an honour to do a guest mix for the heavy diggers blogg “The Growing Bin”. Thank you Basso for reaching out!

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Mixes | 04 January 2013

Kaleidoskopes Vol.2 – Moon

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New Mix: J ♥ JAZZ

Mixes | 25 October 2011


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Guestmix at NTS Radio London/ Hepcat Radio with Mamiko Motto & Sassy J

Mixes | 06 April 2011

Thank you Mamiko and Femi for having me at NTS last wendesday. Had a great time chilling there in the backyard, having a drink. Was lovely to see Tony Nwachukwu, Funkineven, Femi and Kutmah there. Not forgetting my lovely host Mamiko Motto, who did her first show there. I played a set in the 2nd hour of the show, including all kinds of Patchwork or Sassy J releated Music by Skymark, Steven de Peven, Quarion, Dimlite and others.
Hope you enjoyed. I had a ball!

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New Mix Online! KALEIDOSKOPES Vol.1 by DJ Sassy J

Mixes | 28 November 2010

Kaleidoskopes Vol. 1

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Brokentelephone Mix now online!!!

Mixes | 14 September 2010

I was invited along side of lovely music selectors from various places to choose one track for this mixtape! Have a listen!

There was only one rule:Each participant could listen only to the previous track, in order to make her/his selection.

There were no limitations to music styles or genres, the goal was to create a mosaic of sounds and have fun by listening how this mixtape would end up like.

We hope you ‘ll enjoy!

  • Mille mercis to all the participants!** Many many many many thanks to Mari.cha for doing almost everything!

Have a litsten here:

Brukravements Vol. 1

Mixes | 07 July 2010

Brukravements Vol. 1

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Dancefloor Meditations Vol.3

Mixes | 18 June 2010

Dancefloor Meditations Vol.3
DJ Sassy J


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Dancefloor Meditations 2

Mixes | 16 June 2009

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Mixes | 09 May 2009

Musica Da Lagoa

Obrigado Rio, Salvador de Bahia and all the beautiful people I met in Brazil! Special shout out to Clark and the Tropicalia Records Crew in Rio!

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Dancefloor Meditations Vol.1

Mixes | 25 October 2003

Dancefloor Meditations Vol.1 (2003)
DJ Sassy J